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Why You Should Never Be Afraid To Travel Alone

he beauty of travel is that it can be enjoyed under many different circumstances; short or long breaks, near or far destinations, and as part of a large group or on your own. However, there are some people who are reluctant to do the latter, fearing for their safety and unwilling to explore without a companion.

There can be many benefits to travelling alone though, so you should never be put off from doing it. If you dream of visiting somewhere but no one wants to come with you; there's no shame in going it alone.

You'll Be Looked After From The Moment You Call

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It can be a worry that travelling on your own will mean that there is no one to turn to should anything go wrong. However, when you book with Fred.\ Holidays, we will take care of you from the moment you call us for a quote. We can be that person with whom you discuss all the things you want to do and we will be that person on the end of a phone in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.

Single Travel Is Becoming More Viable

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There was a time that solo travellers would incur major costs when booking hotels, cruise ship cabins or other types of accommodation as companies attempt to recoup the losses of not having double occupancy. This is beginning to change now though and single supplements are now considerably lower or even eradicated completely in some cases. When you travel with Fred.\ Holidays, we won't charge you extra for holidaying on your own and will find you the perfect deal for the hotels and attractions of your choice.

You Have More Freedom

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If you are travelling with a friend or your family, you often have to compromise on some of the things you would like to do so that everyone is happy with the itinerary. However, travelling solo will mean that you can do whatever you like whenever you like. If you want to go to that quirky-looking museum; you can. If you want to eat at that delicious seafood restaurant; you don't have to worry about anyone else not liking fish. And if you don't want to do anything at all; no one's going to make you.

And with our tailor-made options, there really is no limit to what your holiday can entail. You don't have to follow the crowd on an off-the-shelf tour if you don't want to. You control your own adventures and you can create your perfect itinerary.

You'll Have A Truly Authentic Experience

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If you think about it, how often do you actually converse with the locals and other tourists when you're on holiday? Although it's great to enjoy your own company for a while, travelling alone can mean that you meet new people in your chosen destination and end up having a more authentic experience. You could get chatting to the hotel owner who knows about the attractions that are under most tourists' radar. You could meet a nice family who invites you into their home to taste a traditional home-cooked meal. And you could converse with a shopkeeper who helps you expand your knowledge of the local language. All these immersive experiences are too often missed when you travel as part of a group.

There's no reason to be apprehensive about solo travel, especially when you book with Fred.\ Holidays. As we said, we will look after you every step of the way and you are sure to learn a lot about yourself in the process.

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