Trevi Fountain Panorama

Trevi Fountain - Back and Better Than Ever

If you took a visit to Rome during 2014 or 2015, the chances are you would have been disappointed when you turned the corner to find the city’s iconic Trevi Fountain severely lacking in water. However, 2016 offers the perfect opportunity to visit Italy’s capital, as the aquatic showpiece is once again flowing with turquoise waters and looking better than ever before.

Rejuvenated By Renovation

Trevi Fountain

After a year and a half of having its beauty hid behind scaffolding and dust sheets, the Trevi Fountain reopened at the beginning of November last year. The first signs that a refurbishment might be needed became apparent during the particularly harsh winter Europe endured in 2012. At this time, small pieces of the façade started to crumble and fall off, creating a hazard for people below and endangering one of Rome’s most treasured attractions.

It wasn’t until 2014 that action was taken, though, when renovations started in the spring. In total, the work cost a reported 1.6 million and involved cleaning the stone, repairing and reinforcing the damaged sections, and even installing new lighting which brings out the best in this Baroque masterpiece.

Fendi For Fountains

Spanish Steps

Realising the importance the fountain holds to residents of Rome and the thousands of tourists that flock there every year, it was Italian fashion house ‘Fendi’ who footed the bill for the restoration work. It was the start of a campaign which they are calling ‘Fendi for Fountains’ and has been continued by their desire to renovate Le Quattro Fontane in another part of the city.

This act has encouraged other famous Italian companies to also show their love for some of Rome’s most popular attractions. Jewellery experts Bulgari started revamping the Spanish Steps in October 2015 and shoe specialist Tod’s will be tackling the Colosseum with toothbrushes until late this year.

Fountain Factfile

Trevi Fountain Coin Toss

The Trevi Fountain is over 250 years old (although its new facelift has done wonders for the ageing process), having originally been completed in 1762. Three different popes were involved in the creation of the structure, with Pope Urban VIII originally commissioning it, Pope Clement XII holding a competition for the design and Pope Clement XIII finally declaring it open after 30 years of building work.

The façade building behind the fountain features the story of how Roman soldiers were led to a source of pure water by a young virgin, whilst the fountain itself shows Oceanus, god of all water, wrestling with hippocamps (mythical horse/fish hybrids). It has become tradition for tourists to toss coins over their shoulder and into the water, with a reported €3,000 a day thrown in. This is said to grant a return visit to the city one day.

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