Schonbrunn Palace Panorama

Strange Accommodation Options In Europe

When going on holiday, the type of accommodation you choose represents a big decision. Some people are happy to pick a budget option and forgo the luxuries, whilst others see it as an opportunity to indulge themselves in five-star opulence while they are away.

However, there is no reason why the place you choose to stay has to be a hotel in the traditional sense of the world. There are many great examples around Europe that offer something different that will help you create a very memorable holiday.

Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna

Schonbrunn Palace

There was a time that Schönbrunn Palace was only reserved for the Hapsburg monarchs, but an exciting project has opened up its doors to the paying public. A suite has been made available in the east wing of the building, enabling guests to enjoy a sumptuous 167 square metres of cultural heritage. There are two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, kitchenette and even a drawing room in which you can get ready for a night at the opera. The view isn’t bad either, as you can cast your eyes over the palace gardens and fountains like many members of Austrian royalty would have done in the past.

Wine Barrel, Black Forest

Wine Barrel

When thinking of unusual places to spend the night, it would be a while before you considered sleeping in an oversized wine barrel. But that is exactly what you can do in the village of Sasbachwalden, charmingly nestled in the hills of Germany’s Black forest. These heated wooden structures can sleep two people and also include bathroom facilities and a basket of regional goodies to devour throughout the night. It might not be your typical hotel but there’s no better way to feel at one with the nature that surrounds you in this part of the world.

Cubist Hotel, Villabuena de Alava, Spain

The Hotel Viura sticks out like a sore thumb in the village of Villabuena de Alava, located outside of Bilbao, due to the fact that it is not exactly in keeping with the style of the other buildings around it. Much of the architecture here is from the 17th century but the hotel which stands at the centre couldn’t be more modern. Named after a popular grape grown in this village of wineries and vineyards, Hotel Viura looks like a piece of cubist art with jagged edges, slanted roofs and panoramic windows flying off at every angle.

Fairy Chimneys, Cappadocia, Turkey

Fairy Chimneys

The central Turkish region of Cappadocia is characterised by lava flows that have been shaped by the wind and rain over time to form rock formations known as fairy chimneys. During medieval times, locals started carving homes, churches and other dwellings from the rocks, creating underground cities that are still open for exploration today. The town of Goreme is now a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to the Fairy Chimney Inn which opens its ‘doors’ to tourists wishing to stay in a slice of history. The facilities include comfortable beds, Turkish Hammam bathrooms and even Wi-Fi (if you use the shared laptop).

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

It’s not often that you get the chance to stay in one of the most visited attractions in the world, but a temporary apartment on the first level of the Eiffel Tower is giving that opportunity to four sets of lucky competition winners throughout the Euro 2016 championships. The luxury space is the vision of French interior designer Benoit Leleu and includes all the usual things you’d find in a hotel room along with a foosball table, giant TV screen and some of the best views of Paris you could ever wake up to.

Fred.\ Holidays can offer a wide range of accommodation options in various different places around Europe. From the stylish hotels offered by our preferred partner Maritim to more quirky options, we can create the perfect holiday for you.

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