Prague In Winter

5 Winter Activities To Enjoy In Europe

Winter breaks are not just about discovering the fantastic Christmas markets that take place all over Europe every year. When these have been packed away, there are still plenty of reasons to visit cities all over the continent. Besides from the great prices and the lack of tourist crowds, it’s a great chance to see how beautiful Europe is at this time of year, whether you want to stay inside and do something fun or wrap up warm and head out on an adventure.

Here are some great ideas for wintry activities.

Hop Between Hot Tubs In Budapest

Budapest Thermal Bath

Hungary’s capital is famous for the thermal springs on which it sits and, though none of today’s baths date back to the Roman times, the tradition has been part of daily life since then. There are baths all over Budapest in which you can relax and which provide the perfect way to warm up during the winter. The steam rising off the water seems to add to the atmosphere at this time of year and it’s fun to quick-step from one hot tub to another before dipping back into the soothing water.

Search For The Northern Lights In Reykjavik

Iceland Northern Lights

February and March are perfect months for spotting the Northern Lights, as they provide one of the key things needed – dark skies. During the summer, the Midnight Sun means that the aurora rarely shows itself and so travelling to Reykjavik in the winter will give you a much higher chance of witnessing this natural phenomenon. A clear night and low light pollution are two other ingredients needed so, when the lights are forecast, head out of town for a view you’ll never forget.

Warm Up At Prague’s Choco Café

Hot Chocolate

Cities such as Prague and Vienna are characterised by their café cultures and so, in the winter, there is no better way to relax than by grabbing a mug and watching the world go by. One of the best places to do this in the Czech capital is at the Choco Café on Liliová, close to the banks of the River Vltava. There is a wide range of different hot chocolates to try, ranging from 75% cocoa to 33% white chocolate. There are also toppings galore, including nuts, chilli and fresh fruit.

Glide Through Finnish Lapland On A Dogsled


If you want to embrace the wintry weather, head to Finnish Lapland for a week of unforgettable adventures. As well as snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and riding a snowmobile, you will get the chance to dogsled through the beautiful countryside just below the Arctic Circle. After a quick briefing, during which you will learn how to drive the sled safely and how to look after the huskies, the dogs will take you on a safari through the national park. Find out more here.

Ride The Longest Toboggan Run In The World


At 15km long, ‘Big Pintenfritz’ is the longest toboggan run in the world. Located just outside the Swiss town of Grindelwald, it involves taking a cable car to the top of the mountain and then walking for two hours to the start. However, when you get to the top and begin your decent amongst the breath-taking landscape of the Jungfrau region, you’ll realise why it was all worth it.

Extra: Go Truffle Hunting Outside Provence

Black Truffle

November to February is truffle season in France and there are a few companies that will let you come out and search with them. Tricastin is a region between Montpelier and Lyon where you can join the hunt for these black treasures and sample some delicious dishes which contain them.

If you are looking for the perfect winter city break, contact us today and we will tailor-make your ideal itinerary.

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