4 Things That Are Free With The Inzell Card Plus

The small municipality of Inzell is nestled within the Bavarian Alps in the Chiemgau region of Germany. Whilst quite remote, it is a fantastic destination for those who enjoy a wide range of leisure activities, both in the summer and winter. Salzburg airport is the closest arrival point for a holiday in this beautiful part of the world, although you can also fly into Munich if you prefer.

On arrival at your hotel in Inzell, you will be given a complimentary Inzell Card Plus. This will give you free entry/access to a variety of different services and activities during your holiday. Here are a few of the fantastic things you can experience for no extra cost.

Football Golf


Football golf, or footgolf, is a relatively new sport which continues to grow in popularity. As you might expect from the name, it’s a combination of football and golf which involves players kicking the ball towards the hole, trying to avoid obstacles along the way. Don’t worry though, the holes are much bigger than in traditional golf.

Inzell is home to the largest football golf course in Germany, at the Soccerpark. It includes logs and rock tunnels that you need to get the ball through, large nets that it needs to be lofted into and tricky holes located at the top of hills.

RVO Coach Travel

Bus Through The Alps

Getting around Inzell is made really easy with free travel on all RVO buses, which are operated by Deutsche Bahn. You can even explore more of the surrounding Chiemgau region by taking a trip to Ruhpolding, Lake Chiemsee or Bad Reichenhall. Lovers of nature might also like to discover the beauty of Berchtesgaden. The town is home to an expansive national park which features many fantastic hiking trails.

Bike Rental

Inzell Biking

Another great way to get around Inzell is on two wheels. Whether you are a serious cyclist looking to tackle the tough mountain passes or a leisurely rider more interested in stopping to smell the flowers along some of the easier routes, there are many great bicycle trails to enjoy. Head to the Agip Service Station, in the middle of the village, to get your bike and you will soon be gliding past the many dairy farms, serene lakes and quaint churches that are dotted around the countryside, for free.

Rauschberg Cable Car

Alps Cable Car

If you are looking for a more relaxing and less exertive way to experience the mountainous landscapes of Inzell, there are a number of cable cars that can take you to local summits. The Rauschberg Cable Car can be found just outside of Ruhpolding and will transport you 1,626 metres into the Bavarian Alps. As well as the fantastic views from the top, there is a cafe that serves a mean apple strudel and plenty of hiking paths leading off into the distance.

As you can see, the Inzell Card Plus is a must for anyone heading to this part of Germany. With so many complimentary activities available, it will make your trip all the more enjoyable. To book your tailor-made holiday to Inzell or another part of beautiful Bavaria, call our specialists on 0808 301 7214.

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